Salifert Calcium (Ca) Aquarium Test Kit

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Calcium is an important component which can be found in any aquarium since it is a constituent of corals. Normal calcium levels will promote healthy coral and algae growth, but this also leads to the depletion of calcium. The recommended quantity of calcium should be between 400 and 450 g/L. Any variation which is higher than 15 mg/L is not good and will slow down growth and development.

In order to maintain a healthy aquarium, you need to add a calcium additive, but the quantity must be accurately determined using a test kit. The Salifert test kit is capable of measuring the calcium content in 10 mg/L increments. The kit uses very precise and easy-to-notice color changes in order to accurately detect even the smallest fluctuations in calcium levels. With one Salifert test kit you can perform anywhere between 50 and 100 different measurements.

After that you can use the Coral Calcium additive from Salifert. It has been developed using a special procedure which has resulted in a highly concentrated additive which makes it easy to add the exact amount of calcium necessary to your aquarium. Not only that, but the special formula is designed to not upset the ionic balance in the aquarium when it is used in conjunction with the Salifert KH + pH Buffer or any other sodium based buffer, for that matter. This is a common problem for other additives that use calcium hydroxide or calcium chloride.