Hydor Koralia Evo Power Head Pump

Brand: Hydor


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Hydor Koralia Evo series pumps are quite popular with coral enthusiasts, since they are reliable and affordable. They can create movement of water everywhere in your tank. They can be used on tank glass that is up to one half inch thick.

  • Evolution 600 handles 600 Gallons per Hour
  • Evolution 850 handles 850 Gallons per Hour
  • Evolution 1150 pumps 1150 Gallons per Hour
  • Evolution 1500 pumps 1500 Gallons per Hour
Hydor Koralia Evo Power Head Pumps utilize shaft-less impellers for gentle and wide flow, to benefit your corals. The ball joint is articulated, allowing a full range of positions. You can use these pumps to direct water movement that is vital to all areas of your tank. High flow is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, thriving reef. Tanks that suffer from poor water flow may experience issues that are avoidable with proper flow. Using the proper flow for your tank will:

  • Keep particles suspended for a longer period of time, so your filters will be able to remove them effectively
  • Decrease algae outbreak risks
  • Keep any debris from collecting on your corals
  • Prevent pockets of toxic water from forming in areas that are difficult for water flow to reach
  • Increase your chances of a healthy tank in the long term