Eheim Jäger TruTemp Submersible Heater

Brand: Eheim


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Eheim offers one of the premiere fully submersible tank heaters available today. Tru Temp technology helps to keep temperatures level in your tank, with the ability for calibration. The temperature can be precisely maintained between 65F-93F.

These heaters are made from laboratory glass that is shatter-proof. They offer thermo safety control and run dry protection, which shuts off the heater whenever it is not submerged. The filters are UL certified and safe to use in your coral reef tanks. It includes two suction cups and clamp, for mounting.

The various wattages available handle different sized tanks, as seen below:

  • 25 watts for 5-7 gallons
  • 50 watts for 7-16 gallons
  • 75 watts for 16-26 gallons
  • 100 watts for 26-40 gallons
  • 125 watts for 40-53 gallons
  • 150 watts for 53-79 gallons
  • 200 watts for 79-106 gallons
  • 250 watts for 106-159 gallons
  • 300 watts for 159-264 gallons