• Canada Copepods - Live Zooplankton Blend (Copepods and Rotifiers)

Canada Copepods - Live Zooplankton Blend (Copepods and Rotifiers)


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Each bottle contains: Copepods: 50% Tisbe copepods, Acartia, Parvocalanus, Pseudodiaptomus & Tigriopus (Tiger) L and S Type Rotifers Moina Salina Phytoplankton: Nannochloropsis & Tetraselmis Zooplankton are rinsed and put in fresh saltwater with some fresh live phytoplankton to feed them. No straining required, just add directly from the bottle.

For feeding of fish larvae like clown fish, gobies, Mediterranean sea basses and snappers, red drum, pompano, and cobia. Commercial rotifer for fish larvae that reproduce very fast both sexually and asexually. Ideal for culturing and general feeding for fry, fish, filter feeders, corals and other critters. Can tolerate full freshwater, but will not breed in freshwater.