• EcoTech Marine Wide Angle TIR Lens Kit

EcoTech Marine Wide Angle TIR Lens Kit


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The EcoTech TIR Wide Angle Lens Kit for Marine Use gives you a wider light spread option, if you have a larger aquarium for your corals. It is completely compatible with Radion light fixtures designed by EcoTech.

You can optimize your light over the highest possible PAR and with a wider area of coverage by the use of this lens. You can customize your Radion type fixture, trading penetration for coverage. This makes it especially useful if you have a shallow aquarium.

If you do not concentrate specifically on SPS corals, the TIR Lens will give you a good deal of flexibility in the application of your Radion fixtures. You will find this lens to be especially useful if you have a tank whose dimensions result in an inability to fully light it with one Radion, but where the tank isn’t large enough to need two lights.

The TIR wide-angle lenses were designed to achieve a 3’x3’ light spread at a location of about 9” above your tank. This is as compared to a 2’x2’ spread achieved with standard TIR lenses. The increase in light spread is accomplished by lowering the peak PAR at the center of the light unit. This lens can be easily installed on any Radion LED light fixtures.