Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 150/550


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The PhosBan Reactor from Two Little Fishies is a necessary tool for all aquarists that keep SPS corals as it has been designed to achieve the most impressive results with PhosBan use or with other chemical filter media. It works by pushing water from the bottom of the tank upward through a dispersion plate. This not only ensures even distribution of water, but also prevents channeling.

The design features several elements that make it easy to handle and simple to use. For starters, the lid is a twist off so that media can be easily replaced. It features flexible elbow fittings that can rotate 180 degrees so you can fit it properly to your installation. The reactor itself can be installed in various positions such as above the tank, in-line, in-sump, hang-on etc. It can be used with any granular media such as Phosban GFO media and activated carbon.

The standard reactor has been designed to work in tanks up to 150 gallons in size. The recommended flow rate for such a device is 20-30 gph for 130 grams of PhosBan or 30-40 gph for 200 grams.

The popularity of the 150 model led to the appearance of the PhosBan Reactor 550. This has been designed for usage on much larger tanks, up to 600 gallons. The recommended flow rate should be between 100 and 200 gph, depending on the PhosBan quantity.