• Two Little Fishies Acropower

Two Little Fishies Acropower


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Two Little Fishies Acropower is a source of amino acids for your SPS corals. Your corals need amino acids in order to build the architecture of their skeletons. Corals are able to utilize amino acids that are dissolved, across their full surface.

Closed-system aquariums that use ultra-low nutrient filtration may deplete the amino acids your corals need to grow. They will become ore colorful within a few days of adding amino acids, and their growing margins are extended.

A few days after you first dose your tank with Two Little Fishies Acropower, you will begin noticing changes in your SPS corals. The improvement in color will be very obvious, particularly with purples and blues. The growth rates will increase, and even acropora that previously did not grow much will begin growing faster.