• Salifert Potassium (K) Aquarium Test Kit

Salifert Potassium (K) Aquarium Test Kit

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The Salifert Potassium Test Kit is unique among titration tests. It measures potassium levels in a reef aquarium with an accuracy of plus or minus 3ppm. It enables the dosing of potassium supplements.

To test your potassium levels:

  1. Add 1 ml of water from your aquarium to the vial.
  2. Add 0.5 ml of Reagent 1 and then swirl it for about 20 seconds.
  3. Add three drops of Reagent 2.
  4. Add Reagent 3 drop by drop until the color goes from white into blue, swirling after you add each drop. Clean vial after each use.
The end result will show you your ppm level of potassium in the tank. If you have used potassium products in your aquarium, the levels may be higher. After conducting this potassium test, you may find that your tank does not need supplementation of potassium.

If you’re not sure about your results, you can retest. The results should be close to the same after each test. Salifert test kits are known for their accuracy.