Salifert Phosphate (PO4) Aquarium Test Kit

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It is important to monitor phosphate levels because high concentrations can have unpleasant consequences. For starters, they will lead to the development of unwanted algae that will create an ugly environment in the aquarium. Moreover, high phosphate levels will also slow down the growth of calcareous algae, as well as corals. You can prevent this problem by avoiding using poor quality activated carbon which is oftentimes rich in phosphates. Furthermore, if you use frozen fish food, you should rinse it in a sieve before placing it in the aquarium because it is also a rich source of phosphates.

Recommended phosphate levels should be at 0.05 mg/L or lower. Anything higher than that can slow down calcareous algae growth by up to 90%. The Salifert Phosphate Test Kit can be used in order to accurately determine phosphate levels in your aquarium. It only takes seconds to perform a highly precise measurement, which works in 0.015 mg/L increments. The test kit is good for approximately 50 measurements. After that granular ferric oxide (GFO) in a phosban reactor can be used in order to decrease phosphate levels.