Salifert Magnesium (Mg) Aquarium Test Kit

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Magnesium plays a very important role in our aquariums and it is usually found in high concentrations within the 1300 – 1400 mg/L range. It is used for photosynthesis, which allows the plants in the aquarium develop, but it is also responsible for maintaining the proper levels of alkalinity and calcium concentration.

The reason for this is that calcium along with other substances such as carbonate and bicarbonate will form an insoluble compound known as calcium carbonate. When this happens, it not only depletes calcium and carbonate levels in the tank, but also lowers the trace elements concentration by scavenging some of these elements without any positive effects in return. While this negative process is unavoidable, the rate at which it occurs can be slowed down by magnesium. The higher the concentration of magnesium in the aquarium, the longer it takes for calcium carbonate to form.

Therefore, it is important to keep magnesium levels within their recommended range in order to promote healthy coral and algae development. However, magnesium deposits will get depleted over time due to algae, high alkalinity and calcium levels, as well as certain brands of salt which have a very low magnesium content to begin with.

In order to correct this problem you can use the Salifert Magnesium test kit in order to determine magnesium levels. It uses sharp color changes which are easy to see and it works in 30 mg/L increments. The test can be used for approximately 50 different measurements.

After that you can use the Salifert liquid magnesium additive in order to correct the levels. This additive is ultra pure and will not cause any ionic imbalances like other lower grade magnesium salts. If you are looking for a one-time major correction which is more economical, you can try the Salifert magnesium powder.