Salifert Iodine (I2) Aquarium Test Kit

Brand: Salifert



Natural seawater contains iodine in low concentrations. This occurs as iodate, iodide, hypoiodite and molecular iodine. The predominant element in natural seawater is not iodide, but iodate. Test kits should be able to accurately detect iodate.

The Salifert Iodine I2 Aquarium Test Kit measures iodine in all its naturally occurring forms. It measures all compounds and gives a total concentration of iodine reading. The Salifert kit does not react to interference caused by other saltwater elements. This leads to the most accurate results.
  • The color will remain stable for a few hours.
  • The scale ranges from 0.01 to 0.15 ppm. The optimum level for iodine is 0.06 mg per liter.
  • The Salifert kit provides about 40 tests. It is for use in marine water only.
  • If you use time-release iodine supplements, these will give you false results. Ascorbic acid or other reducing substances give false values, too.
Iodide Testing:

Rinse the test vial first, before you test with some tank water, and then add 2 ml of water.

Add six drops of I2-3. Swirl it gently for two or three seconds.

After precisely four minutes, compare the colors with an iodide color chart. To do this, hold the test vial against the white portion of your color chart. Then look through the opposite vial side.

If you wait more than four minutes, the colors will darken further.

If colors turn black, blue or purple, or you see a precipitate forming, the concentration of iodide is much higher than 0.2ppm for that test.

After you test, rinse your vial 9-10 times with RO or tap water. This will eliminate any iodide from the vial, which could otherwise affect your next test.