Salifert Flatworm Exit

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Flatworm Exit is safe for your aquarium. But flatworm body juice may be toxic to some inhabitants of the reef, if their concentration is too high. When a flatworm dies, the body juice may be excreted.

Before you use the Exit Test Kit, be sure to take the following steps first:

  • Siphon out as many of the flatworms as you can.
  • Keep an extra canister of activated carbon ready.
  • Turn off UV and ozone and remove the activated carbon. Leave your skimmer on.
Many coral growers have treated reef tanks successfully, with Flatworm Exit. Flatworms may hide in crevices or other areas, so blow water through to get rid of any flatworms hiding in places like these. You can use a turkey baster or power head to do this. Siphon these flatworms out of the tank.

If there is body juice released by dead flatworms in your tank, this should be further reduced with the use of roughly one pound of high quality, fresh carbon for each 50 gallons of water in your tank. The carbon must be used within a canister with a sufficient force of water.

Recommended dosage:

Use one drop for every one gallon of water. The dropper holds about 300 drops. The cap on the dropper holds about 90 additional drops. So one full cap is suitable for treating about 90 gallons.

Add the dose in an area of the tank with high water flow. If you are only treating a refuge area for flatworms, mix the dosage manually.

The dose should begin working within a half hour. If 45 minutes go by with no visible deaths, add 50% more. As soon as flatworms begin dying, use activated carbon to remove toxic body juices. After about an hour, you may turn on the ozone or UV again.