Reef Solutions Bacteria Boost


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Dealing with high nutrients can be a big pain! Bring balance and harmony to your reef tank with Bacteria Boost+! Our product is designed to target and lower nutrient levels in your aquarium, providing a stable environment that helps sustain the delicate eco-system. Bacteria Boost+ will give you an easy to use, reliable and reef safe carbon source for nutrient consuming, beneficial bacteria.  Encouraging the growth of these probiotics will help keep excess nitrates and phosphates under control, promoting healthy growth of corals and fish. By using Bacteria Boost+ you will increase your beneficial bacteria populations already in your tank, which will consume nitrates and phosphates and be removed by your skimmer, thus removing the nutrients along with it.

This product must be used with a skimmer to be effective.


To Start: Ramp up daily to the recommended dose over the course of 1 week.

Recommended Dose: Use daily.  Add 5ml per 50 Gallon of tank volume until you reach desired nutrient level.  Test every few days.  Once desired levels are reached, adjust dosing levels to maintain.  General target levels are 3-5ppm for nitrate and .08-.15 for phosphate for most reef tanks.  Use in combination with our Nitrate Boost+ or Phosphate Boost+ to perfect your levels.


Results should be noticeable after a week.  Skimmer will be pulling a lot of extra skim out.  Be sure to maintain it for best results.

If hazy water occurs, reduce by half for 1 week.  Haze will generally clear within 24 hours as the bacteria is skimmed out.  

Best if used within 1 year from purchase.  Store in a cool, dark location.  Dried product can become sticky, clean up any spills with a damp cloth.

Ingredients:  Proprietary blend of purified water, carbohydrates and acetic acid.