Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg Supplement)

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Reef Foundation C from Red Sea is a complex mix of blended magnesium salts that can be used in order to increase magnesium levels in your reef aquarium. It is important to maintain magnesium levels within the recommended range because it constitutes one of the foundation elements that promote healthy coral skeleton structure, along with calcium, carbonate and strontium. Reef Foundation C will help your coral develop healthy and it is part of the Reef Care Program from Red Sea. It is a concentrated supplement, which can raise magnesium levels in your aquarium by 1 ppm in 25 gallons (100 liters) of water for every 1 ml used. It is available in multiple sizes including 500ml bottle and 1kg powder packages.

In order for your corals to grow properly, all four elements need to be found in balanced proportions. This means that it is vital to know the exact magnesium levels in your reef aquarium before you add the supplement. This can be done using the Red Sea Magnesium Pro Test Kit, which is capable of measuring the magnesium levels with incredible accuracy. After you have this information you can use the chart in order to determine the proper dose.