Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit

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The Nitrate Pro Test Kit from Red Sea is a sophisticated colorimetric test, which can be used in order to precisely measure the levels of nitrate in your aquarium using a comparator with an incredible accuracy of 0.12 ppm NO3. The test can be used together with the Phosphate Pro Test Kit for accurate dosing of NO3:PO4-X (biological nitrate and phosphate reducer), which are both components of the complete Red Sea Reef Care program.

The kit is good for 100 tests. Also included are a durable, chemical resistant plastic case and analytical grade glass vials.

In order to use the Nitrate Pro Test Kit, you will need to place exactly 16 ml of water into each of the glass vials using the syringe provided. Afterwards take one of the vials, which will act as the control and place it into the outer hole of the comparator. Then take the second vial and add 8 drops of Nitrate Pro reagent A. Shake the nitrate bottle vigorously before using it, then shake the vial with the cap on for 15 seconds after adding the reagent. After this add another 5 drops of reagent B, close the cap and shake for another 15 seconds. Finally, add 5 drops of reagent C, but this time make sure to mix it in gently for 15 seconds.

Once you are finished mixing in all the reagents you can take the cap off and place the vial in the center hole of the comparator. Wait for about 9 minutes and the color of the reaction vial should begin to stabilize. When the reaction reaches the end point you can examine and compare both vials by rotating the color disc you achieve the closest possible color match between the two. If the water sample has a high organic load, this might cause severe coloration or turbidity which would distort the results.

The pointer can be found on the side of the comparator body and will indicate the nitrate level which corresponds to the color selected and printed on the color disc. If the levels of nitrate in the aquarium are above 4 ppm you will need to dilute 1 ml of water and test it together with 15 ml of RO water. The color obtained in the reaction vial will remain the same for 5 minutes. After this period the test is invalid.