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  • Red Sea Coral Colors D (Trace Element Supplement)

Red Sea Coral Colors D (Trace Element Supplement)

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Coral Colors D by Red Sea is a unique trace element complex that enhances the purple and blue coloration in corals.

As a result of exhaustive research, Red Sea has come up with a complete variety of supplementary major, minor and trace element compounds that are able to satisfactorily and accurately meet the necessities of the corals for a healthy growth. The elements in our complex have been proved to play important roles on different metabolic and biochemical processes that take place within the corals skeletons and soft tissues. One of the processes they participate in is in the production of the purple and blue pigments present in the coral's soft tissues.

The beauty and coloration of your corals will be enhanced with the supplementation of Coral Colors D, but if you also combine it with our exclusive NO3:PO4-X, the results will be enhanced, resulting in even more vivid coloration and in an overall healthier coral.

Bottle Size: 500ml ( 16.9 fl.Oz)