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  • Red Sea Coral Colors C (Iron/Trace Supplements)

Red Sea Coral Colors C (Iron/Trace Supplements)

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Red Sea developed Coral Colors C to supplement iron and complementary trace element compounds that enhance green coloration in corals. Coral Colors C is one of the varied and comprehensive series of supplementary major, minor and trace element compounds that together ensure the nutritional needs of the corals for a healthy and proper growth. The elements contained in this scientific formula are linked to the green/yellow pigments of the corals.

This liquid supplement is a complex of eight metal micro-elements that constitute the essential nutrients required for several biologic, chemical and metabolic processes that take place in marine creatures, and among such vital processes are: breathing, energy production, clorophyll and photosynthetic catalysis.

The metals included in our formula are: iron, manganese, cobalt, copper, aluminum, zinc, chrome and nickel. With 1 ml of the product, you will be able to heighten the iron levels of 100 liters (25 gals) to 0.02ppm.

Coral Colors C by itself grants a noticeable enhancement of your corals green/yellow coloration, but if combined with Red Sea's NO3:PO4-X the results will be boosted.

Bottle size: 500ml (16.9 fl. Oz)