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  • Red Sea Coral Colors B (Potassium Supplement)

Red Sea Coral Colors B (Potassium Supplement)

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Coral Colors B by Red Sea is the supplement that provides the exact ratio of potassium needed to allow corals display their vivid red colors. Potassium is a key element for the transportation of reef nutrients within soft tissues even those that are given by the zooxanthellae and it is also associated to the red-chromo-proteins.

The combination of potassium and boron appreciably influence the alkalinity of the soft tissue of the corals and the formation of aragonite in their skeletons.

The significance of potassium to marine organisms becomes obvious when its levels begin to deplete in aquaria, since within just a couple of weeks the corals show changes in their appearances.

Coral Colors B is part of the comprehensive variety of major, minor and trace element compounds that in conjunction cater the nutritional needs of the corals. Even when it is an effective enhancer of red coloration, if combined with Red Sea´s NO3 PO4-x the results will noticeably increased.

This liquid supplement will raise the potassium levels of 100 liters by 1.75ppm for each 1ml dosage, which is exactly what the corals need for a vivid red pigment.