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  • Red Sea Coral Colors A (Iodine, Halogens Supplement)

Red Sea Coral Colors A (Iodine, Halogens Supplement)

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Coral Colors A by Red Sea is the supplement that specifically tailors the nutritional needs that promotes pink tones. Red Sea has identified the elements that promote that unique pink coloration and presents them in this efficacious complex. To present their vivid pink colors that are so appreciated, corals need to receive the right nutrients. This supplement provides the iodine and halogens that are responsible for the production of pink tones within the soft tissues of the reefs. What the halogens on this complex do is reducing the chances of corals discoloration thanks to their antioxidants and oxidative properties that will affect the soft tissues and mucus coat of the corals. Iodine and bromine are associated to the pocciloporin or pink protein, and in active corals halogens can be rapidly worn-out because of their potent oxidative properties.

If this supplement is combined with Red Sea's NO3:PO4-x, the enhancement of the coral colors will be increased even more since that one gives the need elements to prevent bothering algae and control the zooxanthellae for a proper growth and coloration of the reefs.

With just 1ml of this quality product, the iodine levels of 25 gals will raise to 0.03 ppm, providing the adequate levels for a vivid pink coloration of the corals.

Bottle size: 500ml (16.9 fl oz).