Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit

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The Calcium Pro Test Kit from Red Sea is a sophisti34cated calcium titration test, which can be used in order to precisely measure calcium levels in your reef aquarium with an incredible accuracy of 5 ppm. The test can be used for accurate dosing of Coral Colors supplements, as well as Reef Foundation A (calcium/strontium), both of which are components of the complete Red Sea Reef Care program.

The kit is good for 75 tests. The kit comes with an easy to use, highly accurate titrator, which can be operated by one hand. Also included are a durable, chemical resistant plastic case and analytical grade glass vials.

In order to use the Calcium Pro Test Kit, you will need to place exactly 5 ml of water into the glass vial using the syringe provided. Afterwards you will need to gently mix in 5 drops of reagent A. Then add a leveled measuring spoon of reagent B, close the vial firmly and mix the ingredients for 20 seconds. Now the sample should have the start color shown on the instruction card provided.

Screw the glass vial onto the bottom of the titrator. Check so that the dispensing tip is on the 1 ml titration syringe and fill it with 1 ml of titrant. Now insert the syringe into the center of the titrator and add 0.6 ml of titrant while gently swirling the titrator. Continue slowly adding more titrant and gently swirling afterwards and note the color changes. When the color begins resembling the end color shown on the instruction card, start adding only one drop at a time and swirling until you finally achieve the end color. If you have added the entire 1 ml of titrant without reaching the end color, this means that the calcium concentration in the aquarium is above 500 ppm. In this case refill the syringe and continue adding titrant until you reach the end color.

Once the end color is reached, note the quantity of titrant used and calculate the calcium levels in the water using the table provided. Afterwards you can return any unused titrant to the bottle.