• Red Carnation Coral WYSIWYG

Red Carnation Coral WYSIWYG

Brand: Sponge


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Price structure: Non-Photosynthetic Coral on Rock
Care level: Expert Only (Needs good current and excellent water conditions)
Temperament: Peaceful
Coral placement: Low/Middle
Lighting requirement: Moderate
Waterflow requirement: Medium/High Flow
Color/Structure: Red Non-Photosynthetic Coral

Diet: Filter Feeder

Note: The coral is photographed on black egg crate. Each square measures 1/2 inch. If you count the squares it will help give you perspective of the size of the coral. These images are taken from the side of the Gorgonian. Livestock will look different depending on lighting and the angle it is being viewed at. Please be advised that Gorgonians have tendencies to "shed" skin.