Purple Curlique Anemone

Brand: Anemones


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Price structure: Per Anemone
Hosting anemone: No
Care level: Easy/Moderate
Temperament: Aggressive
Lighting requirement: Moderate to High
Water flow requirement: Medium
Reef Compatible: Take Caution
Color Structure: Purple

The Curlique Anemone is an aggressive anemone. It can kill and eat fish as well as other anemones. Though not suitable clownfish hosts, this is a safe ornamental anemone for most reef tanks. Just keep in mind these anemones will sting everything they can reach. Fortunately they usually stay in one place and don't move around much. This can be a great anemone for reef tanks if you are careful with their placement, and keep other invertebrates out of their reach. They can reach a size of 11 inches and are not recommended for nano tanks.

Note: The coral is photographed on black egg crate. Each square measures 1/2 inch. If you count the squares it will help give you perspective of the size of the coral. These images are taken top down. Coral will look different depending on lighting and the angle it is viewed at.