• Two Little Fishies NanoMag Glass Cleaner

Two Little Fishies NanoMag Glass Cleaner


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The NanoMag Glass Cleaner is a great device from Two Little Fishies that allows aquarium glass to be cleaned in a way that is not only fast and efficient, but also fun. It features a magnetically coupled miniature scrubber that goes inside the tank and removes algal film with ease, even after a week or more of algae deposits. The person controls the scrubber magnetically from outside the tank so that he never has to worry about getting dirty. The scrubber is not only small, but also very flexible so that it will fit in tight spaces, clean the corners as well as curved surfaces. Measuring only 1/8”, the scrubber is guaranteed not to disturb the tank inhabitants or knock over decorations while it is being used.

This glass cleaner is designed to work for both freshwater and saltwater nano aquariums and is effective at removing algae, slime and scum that accumulates naturally on the glass over time. It is also safe to use on acrylic surfaces. It remains effective for surfaces up to 3/8” thick. Before using, it should be checked so that there are no sand or gravel particles in the scrubber as they can scratch the glass surfaces. The NanoMag Glass Cleaner comes with a powerful magnet so it should be kept away from computers, credit cards and watches.

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