Maxspect Gyre Generator Water Pump

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Introducing the world’s first “Gyre-Generator” from Maxspect. The Maxspect Gyre Generator XF-130/XF-150 is a revolutionary “gyre”-generating water-moving device for aquariums. The Maxspect Gyre is founded on innovative cross flow technology, which produces vast horizontal water pulses and waves leaving very little to no dead spots in its wake.

The Maxspect XF130/XF150 mimics natural gyre ocean currents. These currents move in a circular motion making the “Gyre”-Generator XF130/XF150 much different from wave makers and traditional power heads. The XF130/XF150 evenly distributes flow rate throughout the entire aquarium, bouncing water back from either side of the tank to create full circulation, generating “gyre” currents.

Tank Specifications for the Maxspect Gyre Generator XF130 Water Pump:
  • 25-100 gallons

Tank Specifications for the Maxspect Gyre Generator XF150 Water Pump:
  • 50-800+ gallons

Maxspect Gyre-Generator XF130/XF150 includes:

  • Gyre Pump with Magnet Mount
  • Basic Controller and Mounting Craddle
  • Power Supply Unit (Input Voltage / Current: 115-230vAC 50/60Hz)
  • Spare Rotors and Flow Cages

The prototype Maxspect Gyre-Generator in action: