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Size: 10 Inches
Care level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Coral placement: Planted in Sand or between rocks in an open topped aquarium, illuminated sump or refugium.
Lighting requirement: Moderate/High (Metal Halide/Fluorescents 6000°-8000°K.)
Waterflow requirement: Medium

Mangroves are an excellent addition to an open topped aquarium, illuminated sump or refugium. They absorb nutrients from the water in order to grow and can help lower nitrates and phosphates in an aquarium. Mangroves should be planted in sand substrate or between rocks, the roots will form and take hold. Mangroves need to be provided good illumination being placed on the side of metal halides, or under fluorescents with a light range of 6000°-8000°K.

Mangroves will export excess salt and unneeded nutrients through their leaves, salt will build up on top of the leaves and should be wiped down on a regular basis. For nutrient control it is important to remove dropped leaves of the mangrove so they do not decay in the aquarium.