Reef Solutions Live Rotifers


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Keep your Mandarin Goby alive and give your coral the live food they want!  

Live L Type Rotifers are rinsed and packaged in fresh saltwater with phytoplankton for the trip. No straining required, just add directly from the bottle.  They are an extremely hardy organism, able to survive temperature swings and salinity variations.  

They are a tiny multi-celled organism capable of incredible rates of reproduction.  They reproduce asexually and 1 will quickly be responsible for millions in a short number of days provided they have adequate food and water quality. Rotifers are an essential part of the marine food chain, thriving off phytoplankton. They are perfect sized food for new fry hatchlings, corals, small invertebrates and picky fish within your tank. Rich in fatty acids and packed with protein you can target feed your coral or dose directly to your sump or display tank at night.  

Store in the fridge with cap open to allow for oxygen to get in the bottle. Shake lightly daily with cap closed.

Recommended to use within 7 days but the earlier the better.  

Combine with a phytoplankton dosing regiment to promote the growth of microfauna within your reef tank and establish a robust food chain for all your inhabitants.  
Packaging may be different than what's shown.  We've found that shipping across country, bottles may not provide enough oxygen for the density of our pods.  As such we reserve the right to ship them in a double bagged bag, that will allow for almost 30x more air for them during transport.