• Hydor Smart Wave Pump Controller

Hydor Smart Wave Pump Controller

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Koralia Smartwave Pump Controller

In nature, river and sea currents are a vital part of the natural life cycle of aquatic creatures as they promote oxygenation, transport food and nutrients, and remove residues that would otherwise act as pollutants. The Hydor Koralia Smartwave Pump Controller helps recreate these currents to achieve a healthy aquarium system and uniform water temperatures. Designed specifically for the Koralia range, the Smartwave also works with most circulation pumps available on the market that are compatible with quick ON-OFF cycling (each of the two 3-prong outlets has a maximum operational load of 100 W).

The "Plug & Play" Smartwave is ready to perform right out of the box. Simply plug the unit into any power supply, select one of the 2 available movement programs (alternate or synchronous), and enjoy immediate results. A user-friendly selection knob allows you to instantly set and modify the program to fulfill the unique requirements of your aquarium system. Similarly, program time intervals ranging from 5 seconds to 6 hours are set using the time selection knob.

Alternate Program: This mode simulates an oceanic tidal effect by alternating the activity of the connected pumps at timed intervals of your choice (Pump 1 ON - Pump 2 OFF, Pump 1 OFF - Pump 2 ON).

Synchronous Program: This mode simulates the more turbulent conditions typically found in barrier reefs, by simultaneously activating and deactiviting both pumps at timed intervals of your choice (Pump 1 and Pump 2 power ON and OFF together).

When feeding fish and especially invertebrates, it is advisable to stop the pumps. The Hydor Smartwave features manual and automatic feeding programs.

Manual Feeding Program: You can manually stop the connected pumps at any time by selecting the fish icon on the program selection knob. Pumps can be stopped for as long as necessary, without interfering with the pump exchange settings or the automatic feeding program (if previously set). To restart the pumps, simply reposition the knob to the previously selected program.

Automatic Feeding Program: The Smartwave can be set to automatically stop the pumps once or twice a day depending on how many times food distribution is required. You can even synchronize an automatic feeder to ensure that your aquarium inhabitants can feed in calm waters even when you're not around.

For added convenience, the Hydor Smartwave Pump Controller features an integrated hanging eyelet and a 6 foot power cord which offer flexible mounting options (on the wall, inside your cabinet stand, etc.). Additionally, built-in LED lights indicate when the system is on, and signal individual pump activity. The Smartwave is cUL Listed for safety and includes a 2-year limited manufacturer's guarantee. 7" x 1.25" x 8.75" (with hanging eyelet)