Hydor Smart Level Control

Brand: Hydor


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Your tank water can be effectively “topped off” when you use the Hydor Smart Level Control device. It is easy to install in the tank or sump. LED lights on the electronic sensor display the minimum and maximum water levels and it has an alarm mode, as well. The unit has an audible alarm that sounds if the water reaches the sensor for the alarm. The maximum pump power to use with this device is 50 watts.

If you need to replenish water lost to evaporation, a separate top off pump can be used. The best pumps for this purpose will top off your tank slowly, but within 10 minutes. The Hydor Smart Level Control Auto Top-Off Unit:

  • Is easily installed and has no moving parts that could malfunction due to salt creep or algae
  • Comes with suction cup and magnet for mounting.
  • Can be mounted on tank glass as thick as .4 inches (10mm)
  • Has a sensor that will not be affected by surface water movement - This eliminates false alarms.
  • Is suited for freshwater and marine tanks
  • Includes a cable clamp that secures with adhesive for routing your sensor cable
  • Includes a level sensor on a seven-inch cable