Hydor Koralia Circulation and Wave Pump

Brand: Hydor


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Hydor Koralia’s affordable Nano Power Head Pump 425 GPH works extremely well in smaller tanks. The compact design does not compromise efficiency, and it allows you to adjust the direction of water flow in your tank.

  • The Koralia Nano 425 best suits marine tanks of 15-30 gallons.
If you want to maintain a healthy, thriving tank, high flow is quite important. Poor water flow can lead o health issues that are easily avoided with a higher flow rate. High flow powerheads in your tanks are effective in:

  • Keeping contaminants and particles suspended for a longer period of time, so your filters can more easily remove them
  • Reducing algae outbreaks significantly
  • Keeping accumulations of debris from forming on your corals
  • Preventing pockets of toxic water from forming in areas that the flow does not adequately reach
  • Increasing your chances of keeping a healthy tank in the long term