• Hydor Centrifugal Pump 300GPH

Hydor Centrifugal Pump 300GPH

Brand: Hydor


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Hydor has designed a compact, ultra-efficient, submersible, centrifugal pump for your coral tank. It can operate in tanks with low water levels, and you can adjust the flow rate to customize a pump to your tank applications.

Hydor pumps offer maximum performance with a minimum of energy consumption. You can adjust your water output to your individual needs with the flow control knob. The design of this pump allows it to operate efficiently even in low water conditions. This makes it ideal for tight spaces in tanks. The pump works well as a small powerhead to enhance the movement of water in nano tanks. It can be used in saltwater and freshwater tanks alike.

Hydor Centrifugal pump models 70, 100 and 160 have rotating volutes to enhance the direction of your water flow. Models 200, 260 and 300 offer a seven-point control system for water flow, along with built in suction cups for easy mounting.