• Hanna Instruments Phosphate Low Range Checker HI713

Hanna Instruments Phosphate Low Range Checker HI713


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The Phosphate Low Range Checker HI713 from Hanna Instruments is a tool which can help you keep track of phosphate levels in your tank. This material is naturally found in waters and it is even added to drinking water to act as a corrosive inhibitor. The handheld colorimetric checker from Hanna uses the ascorbic acid method and is capable of providing a reading with +/- 0.04 ppm +/- 4% accuracy. This level of accuracy is determined by the fact that each checker is designed for a single parameter using Hanna reagents, thus eliminating the chance of contamination interfering with the results.

Before this innovative technique from Hanna Instruments, people had the option of using a chemical test kit or professional instrumentation in order to determine orthophosphate levels in their aquarium. The problem was that the simple chemical tests could not provide a very accurate reading and the professional tools were expensive and oftentimes difficult to use. The handheld checkers from Hanna provide a useful combination that is affordable, accurate and easy to use.

These handheld colorimeters from Hanna Instruments have been designed to be very easy to operate. All you need to do is to zero the instrument, place your water sample, add the reagent and press the button. The reading will be displayed immediately.

The checker itself is very small and light, weighing only 64 grams. This means that it is very easy to fit in your pocket and carry around for on-the-spot accurate readings. It has a large LCD display that uses big digits in order to provide a clear reading and it only requires the press of a button in order to do so. It works with one AAA battery. The standard HI713 Checker kit comes with 2 sample cuvettes with caps, 6 powder reagents for phosphate, battery and instructions.