• Hanna Checker Phosphorus ULR Reagent

Hanna Checker Phosphorus ULR Reagent


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The Hanna Checker Phosphorous Reagent kit provides additional reagents that work in conjunction with the Hanna Phosphorous Checker from Hanna Instruments. This handheld colorimeter is used to measure phosphorous levels of aquaria which can increase naturally due to feeding, animal waste, decaying plant life and even from tap water. The Hanna Checker uses an adaptation of Standard Method Ascorbic Acid in order to provide a much more accurate reading than traditional chemical test kits which can rival that of professional instrumentation that costs much more.

The standard handheld colorimeter from Hanna Instruments is small, easy to carry around and accessible. It only has one button for simple functionality and it features a large LCD display for clear readings. In order to use it, all that needs to be done is to mix a water sample with a phosphorous reagent in a vial. The vial is then placed in the Hanna Checker, the button is pressed and the phosphorous levels are shown with an accuracy of +/- 5% of reading +/- 10 ppb. The only issue with this handheld colorimeter is the necessity of using another phosphorous reagent with every use, but this problem can be easily solved with the Hanna Checker Phosphorous Reagent package that contains 25 extra tests.