• Hanna Checker Phosphate Low Range Reagent

Hanna Checker Phosphate Low Range Reagent


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The Hanna Checker Phosphate Reagent kit is a package that comes with 25 extra tests necessary for everyone that uses the Hanna Phosphate Checker from Hanna Instruments. These new handheld colorimeters from Hanna have made it much easier for people to gauge the current phosphate levels in their tanks and aquariums, ensuring the wellness of their corals, fishes, invertebrates etc. What makes them such an improvement over traditional chemical test kits is the improved accuracy of +\- 0.04 mg/L (ppm) with a 0.01 mg/L (ppm) resolution.

The standard Hanna Phosphate Checker is green, small and light. It is easy to use and has a simple one-button operation and also features a large LCD display with big digits. The increased accuracy of this colorimeter allows phosphate levels to remain optimal which provides the perfect conditions for coral to grow, as well as allow plant life to develop in fresh water aquariums. The Hanna Phosphate Checker can deliver accurate readings in just a few minutes. The only issue is that each new reading requires a new reagent pack. The standard kit comes equipped with several packs, but aquarium owners will need extra ones if they are to use their handheld colorimeters regularly.