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Hanna Checker Calcium Reagent


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The Hanna Checker Calcium Reagent kit comes with 25 extra tests to be used with the standard Hanna Calcium Checker from Hanna Instruments. When it came out, this new kind of checker brought a lot of innovation when it came to how people are able to measure the calcium levels in their tanks in order to ensure that they are optimal. Old methods involving chemical test kits that require people to match colors were not able to provide precise accuracy and were quickly dismissed in favor of this new technique. While it does have more steps and is a little bit more complicated, it is much more accurate with a margin of error of just 4% +/- 0.04 ppm (mg/L).

The checker itself is resistant, light and easy to use and features large digits and an auto shut-off. It is capable of providing fast and accurate calcium levels analysis in just a few minutes. One checker can do this over and over again, but each time requires a new powder reagent. The standard kit comes equipped with a set of reagents, but extra sets containing only additional tests are available so that people are not required to buy another checker each time they run out of reagents.