Green Emerald Crab

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Scientific Name: Mithraculus sculptus
Reef safe: Yes
Care level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Omnivore
Acclimation: Drip application.

The Emerald Crab is an excellent scavenger and will feed on uneaten meaty foods as well as many types of unwanted algae, including bubble algae. This crab is nocturnal and needs plenty of rock work and hiding places. When it becomes familiar with its surroundings it will venture out during the day to forage for food.

Care needs to be taken with emerald crabs and you will need to ensure there is generous supply of food available. Emerald Crabs can be fed a diet of dried seaweed, chopped meaty foods, and pellet food if there is not a sufficient food source in the aquarium.