• Eheim Feed-Air Digital Automatic Feeder

Eheim Feed-Air Digital Automatic Feeder

Brand: Eheim


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Feed-Air Digital Automatic Feeder

Keep your fish fed and happy while you're away at work or on vacation by using the Eheim Feed-Air Digital Automatic Fish Feeder. The smart feeder can be digitally programmed to release food into the tank up to 4 times a day. Users can choose between double or single feedings to work with multiple tank sizes. The Eheim feeder reliably dispenses accurate amounts of food to prevent over or under feeding. There's also a manual feed button, which allows the user to temporary take over feeding duties. The automatic feeder features a see-through canister to see how much food is left.

The Eheim Feed-Air Digital Automatic Fish Feeder is easy to use and is designed to mount to the top of most aquariums. The feeder features a built-in ventilation system and smart upright resting position to guarantee absolutely dry flaked fish food. Keeping food dry helps prevent nutrient loss, mold and caking. The digital Eheim fish feeder is battery operated and batteries are included for convenience. 5.5" x 2.5" x 3"