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EcoTech Marine Vectra Centrifugal Pump



Vectra M2 Centrifugal Pump

The Vectra M2 Centrifugal Pump by EcoTech Marine is an extremely intelligent, advanced and modern return pump, with numerous special characteristics allowing you to have full control over your aquarium through the high-tech selections while it operates in silence. Installation and disassembly for this pump is designed flexible, quick and easy. The Vectra M1 is able to rotate the volute of the pump in order to adapt for plumbing setup. QuickCouple components allow you to clean and make adjustments with no headache, made with British standard pipe threading. The flow specifications for the max head pressure measures 21.5 feet (6.5 m), while the input measures 1" and the output measures .75" with power wattage of 80 W.

The Vectra M2 features 2 separate operational configurations, such as the Return Pump and the Closed Loop. The Return Pump allows you to keep a constant speed by turning the dial to your desired flow rate through the Constant Speed Mode. To temporarily halt the pumps current setting in order to feed, the pump can be momentarily idled to avoid food getting cycled into the overflow and filtration by pressing the Feed Mode button option. The Speed Lock mode protects your chosen flow rate from changing by accidental turning of the dial. You can connect your mobile device to send commands to your pump through ReefLink; ESL via Mobile Device mode. The last mode for this configuration is the Battery Backup Mode. This allows your tank to run off batteries for a while, in case your electricity goes out. The Closed Loop configuration has a Lagoonal Random mode, which simulates a low-energy environment mimicking the gentle currents of a lagoon, and a popular Reef Crest Random mode that simulates a high-energy reef environment; featuring crashing waves and tides by changing the speed frequently and drastically. The last mode for this configuration is the Gyre mode. This mode creates a steady flow pattern clockwise and counter clockwise that pulses at a selected interval between two seconds and two hours.

The Vectra M2 can be operated internally or externally due to their sealed motor and magnetic drive. The Vectra Driver allows you to choose between the Return Pump or Closed Loop configurations and grants you access to their operational modes while the Quiet Drive technology minimizes DC motor noise and communicates with other EcoSmart and Quiet Drive compatible devices. 6.25" x 4.25" x 5.38"