• Cyanobacteria Clean Up Crew

Cyanobacteria Clean Up Crew

Brand: Inverts


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A diverse mix of snails and crabs offered at a discount. Specialized for cyanobacteria blooms, they will eat nuisance algae as well as detritus and uneaten food. Substitutions (of similar value) may be made on occasions but customers will be contacted beforehand. This package is available in the following sizes:

Small (10-30 gallons):

- 2 Cerith Snails

- 6 Assorted Hermits

- 3 Margarita or Turbo Snails

Medium (30-90 gallons):

- 4 Cerith Snails

- 20 Assorted Hermits

- 10 Margarita or Turbo Snails

Large (90-180 gallons):

- 10 Cerith Snails

- 60 Assorted Hermits

- 30 Margarita or Turbo Snails

Reef safe: Yes
Care level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Carnivore
Acclimation: Drip acclimation