• Canary Blenny - Captive Bred

Canary Blenny - Captive Bred

Brand: Blennies

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The Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus Oualanensis) Captive Bred should be housed in a 30 gallon tank or more with lots of live rock for hunting and grazing. It is best to keep only one per tank unless it is a breeding pair. The Canary Blenny is considered venomous and should be kept with caution around children who have tank access since it may perceive fingers as an attacker and bite (Venomous Bite).
  • Reef Safe
  • Moderate Care
  • Semi-Aggressive
  • Omnivore
  • Min. 30 Gallon Tank
  • Venomous
  • Maximum growth size is 5 inches
  • Subject may vary from picture