Fairy Wrasse (Blue Side) No Doa Coverage

Brand: Wrasse


The Bluehead Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Cyanopleura) varies in coloration and color pattern depending on their area of origin. Due to these color variations, they are known by several common names including: Bluehead Fairy Wrasse, Yellowflanked Fairy Wrasse, Purplehead Parrotfish and Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse. Maximum growth size is 5 inches in length within the aquarium environment, the Bluehead Fairy Wrasse needs alot of swimming room coupled with an abundance of live rock caves and crevices to explore. Their active swimming style means that they require a slightly larger aquarium than their overall length would suggest. A 75 gallon aquarium or larger is recommended to provide adequate territory and swimming space. This is a reef safe Wrasse species that will not harm corals or sessile invertebrates.

  • Reef Safe
  • Easy Care
  • Peaceful
  • Carnivore
  • Min. 75 Gallon Tank
  • Maximum growth size is 5 inches
  • Subject may vary from picture