Blue Teardrop Crocea Clam WYSIWYG

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Scientific Name: Tridacna crocea 

WYSIWYG - Middle most Clam 
Reef safe: Yes
Care level: Intermediate
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Photosynthetic
Acclimation: Drip application

Approximate purchase size is 2 inches

Tridacna maxima are relatively hardy clams, and require intense lighting and good water flow in the home aquarium. Proper water chemistry is very important, and they will thrive when calcium levels of 380- 450 mg/L, alkalinity level of 8-11 dKH, and magnesium level of 1280-1350 ppm are maintained.

Tridacna clams are also filter feeders and constantly filter the water for small particulates. Maxima Clams larger than 2" do not require supplemental feedings.

Never forcibly remove an attached clam from the substrate or rockwork, as lethal damage to their foot and other tissue will be inevitable. As a last resort, to remove a clam from a hard surface gently cut each byssal thread with a razor blade as close to the attachment point of the rock or solid surface, making sure not to slice or damage any tissue.