Biota Captive Bred Green Mandarin Goby - Eating Pellets!

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The Green Mandarin (Synchiropus Splendidus) also known as the Green Mandarinfish is popular amongst aquarists due to its colourful beauty. It is also described as hummingbird-like due to its rapidly flapping pectoral fins and hovering movements from rock to rock in search of copepods and amphipods.

The green mandarin is best to be kept in an established 30 gallon or larger tank with live sand, live rock, and an abundance of hiding spots. It’s diet includes live copepods, amphipods, live brine shrimp, and live black worms.

  • Reef Safe
  • Difficult Care
  • Peaceful
  • Carnivore
  • Min. 30 Gallon Tank
  • Maximum Growth size is 4 inches