Assorted Bubble Tip Anemone

Brand: Anemones


Price structure: Per Anemone
Hosting anemone: Yes
Care level: Moderate
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Lighting requirement: Moderate to High
Water flow requirement: Medium
Reef Compatible: Take Caution

Colour: Will Vary in Colour (Yellow, White, Green)

The tips of the anemones will have their characteristic bulbs based on several parameters, including; flow, light, bacterial count, color, and if its hosting. When they are placed in home aquariums, medium flow and medium lighting will be sufficient if your tank is established enough for anemones.

Placement is easy, as you only need to put them on a hard substrate and let them do the rest, as they'll move if they don't like the spot you've chosen, slowly crawling around in an attempt to find a spot that is more suitable. The same applies to providing them with suitable water flow, too. You can put them just about anywhere other than right in front of a powerhead or pump return, and they'll move around to a better spot if they aren't happy with your choice.

They can be fed small portions of meaty food by placing it near or on the tentacles where the anemone will capture it and bring it to its mouth. Avoid the use of copper based medications as anemones like most invertebrates can be damaged by these.

Note: These images are taken top down. Anemone will look different depending on lighting and the angle it is viewed at.