• AquariClip HD Universal Phone Lens

AquariClip HD Universal Phone Lens

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Product Description

The AquariClip Universal HD Orange Filter for Aquarium Photography clips onto any smartphone or tablet with a camera and filters out excess blue light, allowing you to capture stunning images of your fish and corals. The HD Orange Gradient Lens rotates in the housing allowing you to adjust the amount of orange filter needed to capture the perfect image no matter which lights you use. This ensures that you are always able to capture and share the highest quality images of your aquarium like a pro!

What's in the Box?

1x AquariClip 37mm HD Universal Adjustable Orange Filter Lens for Aquarium Photography
1x Universal clip for easy attachment to any smartphone or tablet
1x Lens cover for protection during storage
1x Microfiber cleaning cloth
1x Microsuede carrying bag
1x Visual instructions