Aqua Illumination

Aqua Illumination Hydra 52 HD LED Light


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The AI Hydra FiftyTwo™ provides full spectrum performance with an output that surpasses the observable light spectrum, delivering your corals and livestock with the light they desire.

The Hydra FiftyTwo™ comes standard with 80 degree lenses giving the best balance and spread. The lens optics are custom designed to give greater than 90% optical efficiency and includes a diffuse exit surface to provide improved color blending. The Hydra FiftyTwo™ combines the control of the AI Vega and the power of the AI Sol, and at a maximum only draws 135 watts from the wall.

The AI Hydra FiftyTwo™ utilizes the latest LED technology from leading manufacturers, arranged to provide the best performance.

  • 16 - Cree XP-G2 Cool White (> 70 CRI)
  • 4 - OSRAM OSLON Deep Red
  • 4 - Cree XP-E2 Green
  • 12 - Cree XT-E Royal Blue
  • 8 - OSRAM OSLON Deep Blue
  • 4 - SemiLED 415nm Violet
  • 4 - SemiLED 400nm UV
  • 2 feet x 2 feet spread