LIVESTOCK GUARANTEE IS VOID IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE A PHOTO OF THE LIVESTOCK IN THE BAG WITHIN 2 HOURS OF ARRIVAL (for corals, again after several days in your system when applicable)


**We highly suggest you film the unpacking process of your order to expedite any claims**


As the weather gets colder across the country, We highly recommend that orders be shipped to your local depot whenever possible.

Please do not hesitate at all to reach out to us with any questions or concerns! You can reach us by phone at 236-313-3474 or by email at

Livestock guarantee only applies to online orders that have been shipped and delivered. Please contact us at any time, we’re here to help!

Note. Credit's apply to livestock items only (taxes not included).

Canada Corals Guarantees that on replacement orders we will replace the livestock or provide credit when applicable. If a replacement is requested, the customer is responsible for any/all box, packaging and shipping expenses incurred for shipping the replacement order.

Canada Corals livestock guarantee does not include replacement livestock, special order livestock, or livestock that was noted that the guarantee does not apply to.


Coral Guarantee:
We guarantee that all coral(s), sponge(s), algae(s), gorgonian(s), etc, purchased from us will remain alive for an extra 5 day period after delivery, just to ensure everything is fine. Please notify us via email of any DOA (dead on arrival) coral(s) within 5 days of delivery with a picture(s). (Only covered if photos are provided within the 2 hour window)

Invert Guarantee:
Due to the sensitivity of inverts, we guarantee that they will arrive alive in the bag upon delivery. Unfortunately we can not guarantee anything once the bag has been opened or invert(s) have been introduced to the aquarium. Please notify us via email of any DOA (dead on arrival) within two hours of delivery with a picture(s) of the invert(s) in the sealed bag. 

Fish Guarantee:

We will Guarantee that the fish will arrive live and well via AIRLINE ONLY.

Due to the sensitivity of fish, there are no guarantee on fish orders via courier. However, we can ship fish at your own risk. Package must be picked up within two hours of arrival. We will cover fish for 4 hours after arrival, provided a clear photo of the deceased fish is taken on a hard surface within 4 hours of arrival, AND a photo of the fish in the UNOPENED BAG is clearly provided. (No exceptions to this rule)  We do not provide the option to ship fish via courier in the winter time.


Email photos/ videos to We will use the time stamp on the email to verify the 2 hour deadline has been reached. 



-Acropora only covered to arrive alive, no extended coverage

- 6-line, yellow coris, fairy, flasher and leopard wrasses 

- All Anemones will only be covered by Direct Airline Flights

- Starfish (excluding brittle/serpent stars)

- Urchins 

- Nudibranchs

- Peppermint Shrimp 

- Pistol Shrimp 

- Sun Corals (continuous feeding may promote opening of this species. We will only send specimens that have opened for us, but cannot guarantee they will open in the first 5 days of introduction to your aquarium)

- Any special ordered fish, invert or coral


Important Details:

If for some reason your livestock does not survive the trip you will receive a credit (taxes not applicable) towards your next purchase. Credits/Coupons will never expire. Depending on the issue/circumstance, we might send a replacement package. We currently do not accept any returns/exchanges on livestock.

1. Please always double check your shipping address. Livestock is not guaranteed when an incorrect address is provided.
2. We guarantee livestock to arrive alive, if the package is signed for on its 1st delivery attempt or picked up the same day.
3. Refused or unsuccessful deliveries will void the guarantee. We are not liable if you are not available to receive your order.

4. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Courier Delays
5.If the package is damaged, please accept delivery. We will work out the details and damages with the carrier.
6.We do not ship for Friday or Saturday delivery, because if a transit issue arises, the package is stuck at the UPS/FedEx warehouse until Monday. The livestock WILL NOT last that long. We can still ship for Friday or Saturday delivery at your request, however if the package does not get delivered on time, we cannot guarantee the package since a situation like this would be out of our control.
7.Winter months are just too cold! We only guarantee packages shipped to a UPS store, or direct flight to airport for pick up during the winter season.
8.To qualify for the guarantee, all livestock must be properly acclimated (see our Acclimation Guide) to your tank in a timely manner (within a few hours) upon receipt of your package.
9.You must notify us via email of any DOA (dead on arrival) livestock. If this takes place on a day where we are closed or a holiday, the time stamp on the email will be used as the time of receipt.
10. Shipping costs cannot be refunded.
11.We may ask for you to ship back the deceased DOA.
12. Please keep in mind that inverts do not follow the same DOA guarantee guide lines.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us anytime :)

~ Canada Corals Team.