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  • Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge


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This 5 micron activated carbon block filter cartridge will fit 10-inch housings for your RO/DI system. They are manufactured with high quality carbon, to reduce contaminants in your tank water. Filter cartridges lower impurities in your tank water, while they reduce the presence of unwanted contaminants in your tank.

Carbon block filter cartridges are also used as part of an effective means of removing free chlorine. The unique pore structure in these blocks absorbs chemicals particularly well, including VOCs found in tap water you may use for your tank. The filters also reduce chemicals that result in color issues. Extruding these unwanted contaminants allows the filter to experience a lower pressure block. Carbon block filter cartridges have a long service life and pre-filtration media makes them quite effective.