Salifert Nitrate (NO3) Aquarium Test Kit

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Nitrate build-ups are common whenever an aquarium has anaerobic regions which are deprived of oxygen or whenever denitrification processes are not completed. When this happens, it is possible for coral growth to slow down and for the development of unwanted algae to be accelerated.

The recommended nitrate concentration in a healthy reef aquarium should be around 1 mg/L. That number will be much higher in fish-only aquariums. In order to avoid problems, nitrate levels must be monitored using test kits. The issue with a lot of them, however, is that they are susceptible to amine interference which will prevent them from giving an accurate measurement. This is corrected by using the Salifert Nitrate Test Kit which uses special ingredients that will not be affected by amine. The kit can accurately detect between very low concentrations such as 0.05 – 20 mg/L in the case of nitrate-nitrogen to very high concentrations such as 0.2 – 100 mg/L for nitrate ion. The test kit can be used for approximately 60 measurements.