Two Little Fishies Mag Feeder


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This Mag Feeder gives you additional feeding options for your tank. It is a floating ring, used to ensure that dry food does not go into the overflow before it sinks or is utilized.

You can easily move the outer magnet of the Mag Feeder, and adjust the ring. The assembly features a jointed connection, allowing you to change the distance from the wall of the aquarium to the ring. Ring feeders have been used for years, but the Two Little Fishies model takes the idea a step further, for a more useful product.

You can use the Mag Feeder with included ring in order to retain flake foods, pellets, invertebrate foods and other types of foods that are suitable for automatic feeders. You can position the ring at any distance you prefer, with the magnetic mount and the logo magnet that is placed outside the tank. If it becomes uncoupled, the entire assembly will float.